Saturday, November 30, 2013

Enough is too much: Do something!!!

Everything that we built up until this point has failed us.  Firing Grunwald and Chris Smith making the team was the straw that broke the camels back.  It didn't help that Felton,  Melo,  Shump, Metta and whoever had a mic in their face all seemed to think they were going to start the season and just win because they did that last season. The sheer arrogance of these guys was led by a coach that to this day is saying he is still trying to figure out this roster.  Who is to blame? The only answer to this question is EVERYBODY!!!

Only 4 players showed up in shape and ready to play on day one. The first I'll mention is Tim Hardaway Jr. The kid broke his shooting hand in summer league and still showed  up to training camp ready to steal someone's job.  Aside from typical rookie mistakes,  the kid has been fantastic. Another guy that I have bashed hardcore in previous blogs,  Tyson Chandler, showed up in phenomenal shape.  He admitted  Roy Hibbert embarrassed him and it drove him to improve his body physically.  To my surprise the dude brought a nice looking jumpshot and hook in the lane! That's all I asked of the guy and he finally brought that to the table.  For that he has my respect.  He had a freak leg injury this year so that's unfortunate.  If he can come back and build upon his early success that would be great. The other two players are Carmelo Anthony and Pablo Prigioni.  Priggy was picking guys up full court during preseason so he was ready.  Sad he's too damn old now and just refuses to look at the rim sometimes.  Melo is currently leading the league in minutes and is killing himself trying to do everything.  Call him selfish if you want to be cool, but he is playing extremely hard right now. So the problem lies between the eyes of every other player that had put on a knicks uniform this year. What is the problem? That right now simply does not matter.  What does matter is what management is prepared to do about it. 

First of all, Woodson and his entire coaching staff needs to be fired. There is no excuse to be unprepared like this.  The team doesn't run any plays and they are putting everything on Melo.  We aren't the best team but we should not be 3-12 right now.  That is bullshit my friends.  The blame is not all on coaching. The knicks need  a point guard. Nothing to debate. Felton needs to go.  He's not a champion so I don't understand the respect he's getting from this coaching staff.  Beno needs to be let go as well.  It's a shame the knicks tricked him into taking a pay cut only not to play him. If we can get a second round pick for Beno, trade him to a contender.  I would target Isaiah Thomas immediately.  He's averaging 18pts per game off the bench. Sacramento made a major move for their future by starting Ben Mclemore and trading for Derrick Williams.  They made a commitment to Grievas at point guard. Isaiah Thomas is available to be had right now! We simply can't wait to get a kid that young and talented.  The kid can get in the paint at will and score.  He can shoot the lights out as well.  He's had his best game's this season playing against Chris Paul. Youtube it if you don't believe me.

Amare Stoudamire wants to dunk the ball and go to the hall of fame.  That's all he cares about.  The knicks need to Marbury this guy once and for all and look to trade him for the best deal that benefits our team.  That's it.  Be done with it.  We are playing ourselves babying this man.  He doesn't rebound or play defense. Be done with this guy. Move on and get the ball rolling with Jeremy Tyler. If someone is going to make rookie mistakes let it be a rookie. The word is Jeremy is healthy and playing unrestricted right now.  Get him in uniform asap!

By the time Tyson comes back,  the knicks should  have Tyler in the mix,  Isaiah Thomas as the starting point,  Jr Smith starting with Toure "Baby Clyde" Murry and Hardaway Jr off the bench.  Bargnani is not as soft as we thought.  He should be the starting 4 with Melo and Tyson. Lets get this going immediately.  I understand it takes two to tango so teams have to want to trade with us.  That's not my problem. Management needs to get their shit together.  Excuse my language kids but this is where we are. Hire Lionel Hollins as coach and lets get it popping right now.  This team is not dead yet,  but the bleeding can't stop until they pull out the blade. Go Knicks!!!


  1. Agree with many of your points, particularly that the entire coaching staff needs to be replaced. Also agree that Lionel Hollins should be brought in. It is evident to me that Mike Woodson has lost this team! Mr. Dolan, please make this happen sooner rather than later. Thanks.

  2. Theres no WAY the kings are letting isiah thomas go. Lol. And even if they trade him, what assets do we have to offer?. Lol

  3. What do you mean we need a new point guard?!?!?! We have Chris Smith. He's putting up 21 points and 4 assists with Bayhawks...wait, my bad. I was looking at Mustafa Shakur's stat line. Chris Smith is averaging 10 points and shooting 39 percent from the field.

  4. Awesome post. Really agree with every point made. Felton is a bum and hardaway needs minutes to grow. He's going to be a very good player on this team. Hollins would be great to replace Mr potato head on the sidelines. Need to decide soon whether to trade shumpert and bargs or even smith if we can get a taker for some picks so there is an outside chance we can be good at some point in the future.

    PS. Used to love stat but man does he piss me off nowadays. Don't pull a Patrick Ewing tho and trade him for bad contracts. Completely destroyed this franchise when layden did that. Let him jaw and hopefully show value to trade for picks in a year or two. No more bad contracts!